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Why D.R.A. Fabb Three Bale Grabs are Leaders In The Field


For Three Bale Grabs, get the most from your harvest this autumn, choose from the range of quality products offered by D.R.A. Fabb.

This Cambridgeshire-based contractor has more than 12 years’ experience in delivering top end agricultural equipment to farmers and contractors across the region and is dedicated to ensuring its customers get the most from the land.

Every three bale grab supplied by this established company is manufactured on site to a tried and tested design using a single ram which is guaranteed to get results. D.R.A. Fabb also makes 1-2 bale spikes and all its products can be supplied with brackets welded on to suit any type of loader.

Company director, Dan Fabb, says: “When we started out in 1995 offering self-employed farm labour, we quickly realised there was huge demand throughout Cambridgeshire for quality farming equipment and regularly maintained vehicles.

Innovative Three Bale Grabs


“Since then, we’ve expanded our range of services to cover every aspect of working in the fields and our three bale grabs is another example of our innovative approach to farming equipment.”

“We understand the need for safety and efficiency and constantly work towards finding cost-effective and labour-saving options that don’t disappoint. Our three bale grabs are manufactured in our dedicated workshop and, like all our products, are rigorously tested for reliability and efficiency.”

Bale grabs have proved immensely useful to farmers and contractors since being developed. Early models were operated mechanically but modern versions now use hydraulics to handle bales of all shapes and sizes.

The ingenious spike system works by stabbing the bale and extracting it, using its own weight to hold it securely in place in the stack or on a trailer.

Not only does using this method save time, it also enables farm workers to gather bales safely. This can all add up to less labour costs for contractors and ensures deadlines are met.

As well as three bale grabs, D.R.A. Fabb also supplies everything for the 21st century farmer, including a fleet of top quality John Deere tractors for hire, digger hire packages, haulage services, hay and straw supply and trailer refurbishment in its purpose-built workshop.

To reap the rewards of three bale equipment this harvest, speak to a member of the friendly, experienced team at D.R.A. Fabb today. Call 07970 901267 or email Dan.Fabb@DRAFabb.co.uk for more information.

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