Hay and Straw

Hay and Straw

Hay and Straw has been in plentiful supply during Harvest 2012. DRA Fabb Contractors bailed more bales per acre than the previous 3 harvest. This has enabled us to re stock after selling out during the 2011 season. However with such a wet back end of 2012 the waste level is going to be high on outside stacks. While taking down outside stacks at the moment we are seeing the bale grab cut further into the top bale than we have seen before. This is making these bales suitable for only a small amount of applications. We use these ourselves for cattle bedding, because although they look poor from the outside, it is surprising how much good straw is still inside them.

Our Design of 3 Bale Grab allows us to tightly grip the top bales when lifting them down from the top of stack, when bales become difficult to handle this is the only safe way to handle them. Preventing them from falling away from you or worst still falling on your machine, causing serious damage.

Looking into 2013, am expecting straw yields to be lower than previous harvest, but at the moment it is still to early to predict, hopefully the weather will start working with us! DRA Fabb would certainly be filling my sheds with Hay and Straw now,year while prices are sensible rather than waiting to see if 2013 manages to produce enough straw to supply demand.

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