Stack sheets

The biggest problem with storing large quantities or Hay and Straw is the weather. In the past we have tried many diffrent system for covering our straw stacks without to much success. Limited markets for second quality straw has forced us to look for the answer.

In 2014 we started to look at a sheeting system with our sister company Evolution Dome. The combination of there knowledge in fabrics structures, and DRA Fabb’s experience in straw, we worked on a solution.

We have 3 clear objectives, it must be quick to install, safe to install and be able to cope with 4 years of use.

To be able to monitor the trial sheet it was decided in late 2014 to put the first sheet on at DRA Fabb contractors main yard at Warboys. The stack was built using one of our own design of Bale Grabs, these grip the bales firmly enabling a good solid straw stack to be built.

The trial sheet lasted well with only a few alterations in dimension being made. It Was decided to order 30 sheets for Harvest 2016 to give them a good trial. With each sheet covering 30 top bales, this saved us damage to over 900 top bales this year!

With this success in mind we decided to order a further 30 sheets for harvest 2016


Straw stack sheets

Sheeting system for large straw stacks

Straw stack sheet

DRA Fabb straw stack sheets.


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