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When dealing with hay & straw bales, loading vehicles are fit with purpose-built tools which assist on carrying out the transportation and careful handling of the bales.

If you work in farming or the agriculture industry, chances are there is some sort of loading tool within your reach, on your farm. Below are a few benefits of owning a bale grab, handler or other useful loading tools.

Bale Grab
DRA Fabb – Bale Grab

1. Makes the process easier

Whilst investing in a bale grab can be costly, realistically you need some sort of mechanical help when handling heavy bales of hay. Think of the time it will take to move wrapped bales of hay with your own, bare hands! With a bale grab, it’s guaranteed to make the process a lot easier for you.

2. Enables you to handle heavy hay & straw bales safely

Depending on the type and size of the bale, the average size of a bale of hay can weigh around 100-2,000 pounds (45-900kg) – a person lifting this sort of weight can be quite dangerous and probably impossible. With a secure bale grab/handler attached to your loading vehicle, you can move the heavy objects safely (and in a shorter amount of time, too!)

3. They come in different shapes and sizes

Due to the variety of different sizes of hay & straw bales (could be down to preference or convenience etc.), these loading tools can come in different sizes. At DRA Fabb, we are proud to manufacture and offer our own single ram bale grabs and forks, that are also available in a range of sizes. For example, the largest in our collection will grab three large Hesstons (4×4) or four midis (3×4), and have the ability to close small enough to grab two large Hesstons or three midis.

On the other hand, we also have a smaller bale grab and two bale spikes in our range, which are more suitable for workers dealing with small bales of hay. 

4. Keeps the wrap in the right shape

One of the best parts about using an efficient loading tool is it keeps the bale of hay in the right shape. Whether your bales are round or square, the right bale grab will make it easier to transport the hay without damaging its shape. If you are worried about this happening, consider wrapping them in plastic for silage.

Bale Grab
DRA Fabb – Bale Grab

DRA Fabb – Bale Grab

At DRA Fabb, we have a collection of bale grabs that we still use every day for 15 years of loading service. They are reliable pieces of equipment to own that can benefit the quality and professionalism of your business.

You should consider choosing a bale grab if you are regularly handling with wrapped hay & straw bales and you’re looking for something that will keep the bale shape and quality.

The tools are used to make the process a lot easier and successful, without damaging the hay & straw bales themselves. For example, a bale grab is constructed with big, tubular arms to quickly and efficiently move and stack hay bales without damaging the wrap.

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